Do Honey Baked Ham Take Food Stamps

HoneyBaked Ham Company Profile

HoneyBaked Ham is a renowned American food company known for its delectable hams, turkeys, and other gourmet food products. Founded in 1957 by Harry Hoenselaar in Detroit, Michigan, the company has grown from a small family-owned business to a national brand with a presence in over 400 locations across the United States.

HoneyBaked Ham’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality, flavorful, and memorable food experiences. The company’s values center around integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. HoneyBaked Ham strives to deliver exceptional products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Product Offerings

HoneyBaked Ham’s signature product is its honey-baked ham, which is prepared using a unique slow-cooking process that infuses the meat with a sweet and smoky flavor. The company also offers a wide range of other meat products, including turkeys, ribs, and chicken, as well as side dishes, salads, and desserts.

HoneyBaked Ham’s products are available in its retail stores, online, and through select grocery partners.

HoneyBaked Ham Takeout and Delivery Services

HoneyBaked Ham offers convenient takeout and delivery options to cater to customers’ needs and preferences. These services enable customers to enjoy the company’s renowned hams, sides, and other specialties from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Ordering Process

HoneyBaked Ham provides multiple ordering channels for customers to place their orders:

  • Online Ordering: Customers can conveniently order online through HoneyBaked Ham’s website. The user-friendly interface allows customers to browse the menu, select their desired items, and securely complete their transactions.
  • Phone Ordering: Customers can also place their orders over the phone by calling their local HoneyBaked Ham store. The store’s friendly staff will assist customers in selecting items, answering any questions, and processing their orders.
  • In-Store Ordering: Customers can visit their nearest HoneyBaked Ham store to place their orders in person. This option allows customers to directly interact with the store’s staff, view the products, and receive personalized recommendations.

Delivery Areas and Fees

HoneyBaked Ham offers delivery services to select areas within the United States. Customers can check the company’s website or contact their local store to determine if delivery is available in their area. Delivery fees may vary depending on the distance and the size of the order.

HoneyBaked Ham’s takeout and delivery services provide customers with a convenient and enjoyable way to savor the company’s delicious offerings. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual gathering, customers can easily order and receive their favorite HoneyBaked Ham products without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

HoneyBaked Ham Menu and Food Items

HoneyBaked Ham offers a delectable array of menu items that tantalize taste buds and cater to diverse preferences. From their signature honey-baked ham to an assortment of sides, salads, desserts, and beverages, every culinary creation is crafted with meticulous care and exceptional ingredients.

Their signature honey-baked ham, a delectable masterpiece, is meticulously glazed with a secret blend of spices and slow-cooked to perfection, resulting in a tender, juicy, and flavorful ham that has become synonymous with HoneyBaked Ham.


HoneyBaked Ham’s delectable sides complement their signature ham perfectly. Choose from an array of mouthwatering options, including:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Mac and Cheese: A creamy, cheesy delight made with elbow macaroni, a blend of cheeses, and a hint of honey.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Cornbread Dressing: A classic Southern dish featuring cornbread, savory herbs, and a touch of sweetness.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Creamy and velvety mashed sweet potatoes, enhanced with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Green Bean Casserole: A classic holiday side dish featuring green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and crispy fried onions.


HoneyBaked Ham’s salads offer a refreshing contrast to their savory dishes. Indulge in:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Caesar Salad: A classic Caesar salad with crisp romaine lettuce, creamy Caesar dressing, and Parmesan cheese.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Cobb Salad: A hearty salad featuring bacon, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, blue cheese, and tomatoes.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Spinach Salad: A light and refreshing salad with spinach, strawberries, walnuts, and a tangy vinaigrette dressing.


HoneyBaked Ham’s delectable desserts provide a sweet ending to any meal. Satisfy your cravings with:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Cheesecake: A classic cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and a creamy, velvety filling.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Chocolate Cake: A rich and decadent chocolate cake with a moist texture and a luscious chocolate frosting.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Pecan Pie: A Southern classic featuring a flaky crust, gooey pecan filling, and a hint of maple syrup.


HoneyBaked Ham offers a selection of refreshing beverages to quench your thirst, including:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Sweet Tea: A Southern staple made with black tea, sugar, and a hint of lemon.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Lemonade: A classic thirst-quencher made with fresh lemons, sugar, and water.
  • HoneyBaked Ham Sparkling Water: A refreshing and bubbly option with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Catering Options

HoneyBaked Ham offers exceptional catering services for special events and gatherings. Their catering menu includes a wide selection of their signature ham, sides, salads, desserts, and beverages, allowing you to create a customized menu that will delight your guests.

HoneyBaked Ham Customer Experience

HoneyBaked Ham has garnered a loyal customer base that consistently expresses satisfaction with the company’s products and services. Positive reviews often highlight the exceptional quality, freshness, and flavor of HoneyBaked Ham’s offerings. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to order online or through the mobile app and the reliability of timely deliveries.

The friendly and helpful customer service representatives are also frequently mentioned as contributing to a positive customer experience.

Common Customer Concerns and Complaints

Despite the overall positive feedback, HoneyBaked Ham has also received some customer concerns and complaints. A common issue raised is the relatively high price point of some products, which can be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, a few customers have reported experiencing occasional delays in order fulfillment or delivery, particularly during peak seasons or holidays.

Strategies for Enhancing Customer Experience

HoneyBaked Ham continuously strives to enhance the customer experience and address any areas of improvement. The company has implemented various strategies to ensure customer satisfaction, including:

  • Loyalty Programs: HoneyBaked Ham offers a loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat purchases. Members can earn points that can be redeemed for discounts, free products, and other exclusive benefits.
  • Special Promotions: HoneyBaked Ham frequently offers special promotions, discounts, and coupons to entice new customers and reward existing ones. These promotions can be found on the company’s website, social media channels, and through email newsletters.
  • Personalized Recommendations: HoneyBaked Ham utilizes customer data and preferences to provide personalized recommendations for products and services. This helps customers discover new items that they might enjoy and enhances their overall shopping experience.
  • Customer Feedback: HoneyBaked Ham actively seeks customer feedback through surveys, social media engagement, and direct communication. The company uses this feedback to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the customer experience.

By implementing these strategies, HoneyBaked Ham aims to create a positive and memorable customer experience that encourages repeat business and fosters brand loyalty.

HoneyBaked Ham Health and Nutrition Information

HoneyBaked Ham offers a wide variety of menu items, including whole hams, spiral-cut hams, turkey breasts, side dishes, and desserts. The nutritional information for these items can vary depending on the specific item and the size of the serving. However, HoneyBaked Ham provides detailed nutritional information for all of its menu items on its website, making it easy for customers to make informed choices about their meals.

Calorie Counts

HoneyBaked Ham’s menu items range in calories from 120 calories for a single serving of roasted vegetables to 1,860 calories for a whole ham. The average calorie count for a single serving of HoneyBaked Ham is around 300 calories.

Fat Content

The fat content of HoneyBaked Ham’s menu items also varies depending on the specific item. The average fat content for a single serving of HoneyBaked Ham is around 10 grams. However, some items, such as the glazed spiral-cut ham, have a higher fat content, at 17 grams per serving.

Protein Content

HoneyBaked Ham is a good source of protein. The average protein content for a single serving of HoneyBaked Ham is around 20 grams. This makes it a good option for people who are looking for a high-protein meal.

Carbohydrate Content

The carbohydrate content of HoneyBaked Ham’s menu items varies depending on the specific item. The average carbohydrate content for a single serving of HoneyBaked Ham is around 25 grams. However, some items, such as the honey-glazed ham, have a higher carbohydrate content, at 36 grams per serving.

Healthier Options

HoneyBaked Ham offers a number of healthier options for customers who are looking to make healthier choices. These options include:

  • Low-fat ham: This ham has a lower fat content than traditional ham, making it a healthier choice for people who are watching their fat intake.
  • Low-carb ham: This ham has a lower carbohydrate content than traditional ham, making it a healthier choice for people who are watching their carbohydrate intake.
  • Gluten-free ham: This ham is made with gluten-free ingredients, making it a healthier choice for people who are gluten-intolerant.

Tips for Making Healthier Choices

There are a number of things that customers can do to make healthier choices when dining at HoneyBaked Ham. These tips include:

  • Choose leaner cuts of ham: Leaner cuts of ham have a lower fat content than fatty cuts of ham.
  • Ask for your ham to be cooked without added sugar: Added sugar can increase the calorie and carbohydrate content of your ham.
  • Choose healthier side dishes: HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of healthy side dishes, such as roasted vegetables and fresh fruit.
  • Limit your portion size: It is important to limit your portion size when dining at HoneyBaked Ham. This will help you to avoid overeating.

By following these tips, customers can make healthier choices when dining at HoneyBaked Ham.

HoneyBaked Ham Locations and Accessibility

HoneyBaked Ham has a wide network of retail stores across the United States, making its delectable hams and other products accessible to customers nationwide. These stores offer a convenient and welcoming shopping experience, with knowledgeable staff ready to assist customers in selecting the perfect ham for their needs.

Each HoneyBaked Ham location boasts a spacious and inviting atmosphere, with well-stocked shelves displaying a variety of ham products, including whole hams, sliced hams, and ham steaks. Customers can also find an assortment of sides and accompaniments, such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, to complete their meal.

Store Hours and Contact Information

HoneyBaked Ham stores typically operate during regular business hours, with some locations offering extended hours during peak seasons. Customers can find specific store hours and contact information by visiting the HoneyBaked Ham website or by calling the store directly. The website also provides detailed directions to each location, making it easy for customers to find the nearest store.

Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

HoneyBaked Ham is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive shopping experience for all customers, including individuals with disabilities. The stores are designed with wide aisles and ramps to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility devices. Additionally, HoneyBaked Ham offers curbside pickup and delivery services for customers who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

HoneyBaked Ham Pricing and Value for Money

HoneyBaked Ham offers a range of menu items, from individual entrees to family meals and catering packages, at varying price points. Here’s a general overview of their pricing structure: Individual Items:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Slices: Starting at $10.99 per pound
  • Turkey Breast Slices: Starting at $11.99 per pound
  • Prime Rib Roast: Starting at $19.99 per pound
  • Glazed Spiral Ham: Starting at $59.99
  • Roasted Turkey Breast: Starting at $69.99

Family Meals:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Dinner: Starting at $99.99 (serves 8-10)
  • Turkey Breast Dinner: Starting at $109.99 (serves 8-10)
  • Prime Rib Dinner: Starting at $149.99 (serves 8-10)

Catering Packages:

  • HoneyBaked Ham Buffet: Starting at $199.99 (serves 25-30)
  • Turkey Breast Buffet: Starting at $249.99 (serves 25-30)
  • Prime Rib Buffet: Starting at $299.99 (serves 25-30)

The perceived value for money of HoneyBaked Ham’s products and services is generally positive. Customers appreciate the high quality and taste of their meats, as well as the convenience of ordering online or through their retail stores. The prices are considered reasonable for the quality and quantity of food provided.In

comparison to similar restaurants or food establishments, HoneyBaked Ham’s prices are slightly higher. However, many customers believe that the superior quality and taste of their products justify the higher cost. Additionally, HoneyBaked Ham offers various promotional deals and discounts throughout the year, making their products more affordable for budget-conscious consumers.

HoneyBaked Ham Special Events and Catering

HoneyBaked Ham is renowned for its delectable hams, but they also offer exceptional catering services for special events. From intimate weddings to grand corporate functions and festive holiday parties, HoneyBaked Ham can create customized menus and provide impeccable service to make any occasion truly memorable.

Catering Menu Options

HoneyBaked Ham’s catering menu boasts an array of enticing dishes to suit diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Their signature spiral-sliced hams are the centerpiece of many events, complemented by a selection of savory sides, including creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, and sweet potato souffle.

Additionally, HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of salads, appetizers, and desserts, allowing customers to craft a personalized menu that perfectly aligns with their event’s theme and cuisine preferences.

Pricing and Availability

HoneyBaked Ham’s catering services are available at competitive prices, with packages starting from $12 per person. The cost varies based on the menu selections, the number of guests, and the level of service required. Customers can request a customized quote by contacting their local HoneyBaked Ham store or through the company’s website.

Customer Testimonials

HoneyBaked Ham has garnered numerous accolades for its catering services, with many satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences. One notable testimonial comes from a bride who praised HoneyBaked Ham for their exceptional service and delicious food at her wedding reception.

She remarked, “HoneyBaked Ham truly exceeded our expectations. The food was incredible, and their staff was incredibly attentive and professional. Our guests raved about the ham and sides, and the entire event was a resounding success.”

HoneyBaked Ham Sustainability and Environmental Practices

HoneyBaked Ham is committed to operating its business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. The company has implemented various initiatives to reduce waste, conserve energy, and source ingredients from sustainable suppliers. HoneyBaked Ham’s sustainability efforts have resulted in positive impacts on the environment and have earned the company recognition for its commitment to sustainability.

Waste Reduction

HoneyBaked Ham has made significant efforts to reduce waste in its operations. The company has implemented a comprehensive waste management program that includes recycling, composting, and reducing food waste. HoneyBaked Ham has also partnered with local organizations to donate surplus food to those in need.

Energy Conservation

HoneyBaked Ham is committed to conserving energy in its operations. The company has implemented energy-efficient lighting and appliances in its stores and warehouses. HoneyBaked Ham has also invested in renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Sourcing

HoneyBaked Ham is committed to sourcing ingredients from sustainable suppliers. The company works with suppliers who use sustainable farming and production practices. HoneyBaked Ham also gives preference to suppliers who are located close to its stores and warehouses to reduce transportation-related emissions.

Environmental Impact

HoneyBaked Ham’s sustainability efforts have resulted in positive impacts on the environment. The company’s waste reduction and energy conservation initiatives have helped to reduce its carbon footprint. HoneyBaked Ham’s sustainable sourcing practices have helped to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain.

HoneyBaked Ham Marketing and Advertising Strategies

HoneyBaked Ham has crafted a distinctive marketing strategy to captivate its target audience and drive sales. The company’s marketing initiatives encompass traditional advertising, social media engagement, and public relations.

HoneyBaked Ham’s traditional advertising campaigns feature captivating visuals and persuasive messaging that effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition. These campaigns utilize a mix of television, print, and digital channels to reach a broad audience.

Social Media Marketing

HoneyBaked Ham actively engages with its customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The company’s social media presence showcases mouthwatering images of its products, shares recipes and cooking tips, and engages in interactive contests and giveaways. This social media engagement strategy fosters a sense of community and loyalty among HoneyBaked Ham’s customers.

Public Relations

HoneyBaked Ham leverages public relations to generate positive media coverage and enhance its brand reputation. The company collaborates with food influencers, culinary experts, and lifestyle publications to promote its products and share its story. These collaborations create a buzz around the brand and drive consumer awareness.

HoneyBaked Ham’s marketing and advertising strategies have been instrumental in establishing the brand as a premium provider of high-quality ham and other specialty food products. The company’s targeted campaigns, engaging social media presence, and strategic public relations efforts have contributed to its continued success and market leadership.